Close Your Eyes & Open Your Heart

When you finally feel peace flood into your heart, actual peace that could only come from God, your life instantly changes.

I have always “trusted” God to get me through life but this was different, this time I actually opened up my entire heart and asked, quite frankly begged, for Him to use me as His instrument because even in my wonderfully blessed life, I felt empty… the only thing that filled my heart was anxiety, worry, fear, and everything God tells us, through scripture, to avoid.

As a military wife, fear and anxiety seem even easier to come across than maybe in a “normal” working situation.  Growing up military I truly loved every minute and I now see that was a gift from our mother because she never once stopped living life even when she was lonely, worried, stressed, or out of her element.  And now as the mother, I am finding it is not as easy as it had seemed from a child’s perspective.

So this is where God came in… I felt I had been chasing Him for years but I realized He had really been chasing ME!  Patiently waiting for me to come to the realization that I couldn’t do this alone nor did I need to.  He was telling me to come to Him in my worry and trust Him.  When I eventually had so many burdens I couldn’t carry on my own and most certainly didn’t want to hand off to my family or friends because it was just too heavy, I finally fell… right at the feet of our Lord… Who gladly took those burdens from me.  The relief was great and I felt more love for and closer to our Lord than ever before.



My angel has always been able to open her heart to our Blessed Lord.

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4 thoughts on “Close Your Eyes & Open Your Heart

  1. What a powerful first blog post! You opened yourself to a higher spirit and set yourself free! Isn’t it amazing how one experience can feel so different just by changing the perspective? Life was certainly simpler as a child! I hope you continue to write to help you through the good times and the challenging ones. Thanks for the slice.

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  2. I love your first line-so very true. “When you finally feel peace flood into your heart, actual peace that could only come from God, your life instantly changes.” I always feel His peace when I completely open my heart.


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