Lenten FAIL

Hi there, failure here.  Have you ever intended to do something so well and then go the complete opposite direction?  That is exactly what happened on my first day of Lent.  I was PREPARED!  Like REALLY PREPARED!  I had my She Who Believed Lenten Journal by Blessed Is She bought, introduction read, and pen at the ready.  I had a plan for what I was giving up, when I would read and reflect in my journal, and what action I would add to each of my days for the Lenten season.  I was READY!  Actually, I was more prepared than I have ever been for this season of the Liturgical year.  Well things went downhill fast… allow me to give you a glimpse into my Wednesday…

On Ash Wednesday, we fast… I had two huge bowls of pasta with clam sauce… I mean, it wasn’t meat, right!?!?

For Lent we give something up that we enjoy… I give up wine… I was drinking a glass of chardonnay by 5 pm before I even began my meal prep (then had another at dinner… and I am still drinking that glass from dinner while writing this so OBVIOUSLY something hasn’t clicked inside my head… maybe God just WANTS me to have this wine… yea that’s it!  Ok, headed to confession tomorrow… but I really felt that was the direction He was pointing me in… to the wine, not confession… oh jeez ok… I HEAR YOU GOD!  Confession is penciled in my planner).

Oh, and that journal, I did it… yes siree I read the reading for today and even did the journaling part… in which I talked about how I was going to make this Lent “the best Lent ever” and really give myself to God and etc. (I won’t bore you with the details that I completely IGNORED only four hours later).

What this entire rambling session is supposed to be doing is 1. Telling myself that I am accountable for my actions even if there is not another adult in the house and 2. Maybe you feel like you already messed Lent up before it practically even began… but here I am… with a big, fat F for day 1 out of 40.  But let’s never give up because God never gives up on us… He has such an abundance of mercy, that we do not deserve, but still He gives.  So, let’s try again, for God and for ourselves, because that is what our time here on earth is about… trying to be the best versions of ourselves so to live out the purpose God has for each and every one of us.

Full of failures,

Amanda Joy

Humor provided by Chloe:


C: “What?!?  Jesus is here?”

M: “No, I said the Lord’s name in vain… that was not appropriate.” (yes people… it’s on my list for confession… but Topher literally jump out of my arms and I thought he was falling to his death)

C: “Oh darn it!  I thought He had come again… sorry Chuck (her angry bird plush she talks to… don’t ask… we obviously have issues) we still can’t say alleluia until He is risen.”

M: *no words*


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