Lenten Love

Today is “a day of reflection and a day of love…” as so simply yet beautifully put by my Dad in this morning’s family group text.  I couldn’t think of a better way to begin our Lenten journey… on this special day, St. Valentine’s Day, dedicated to showing affection and thankfulness to those we share our most intimate relationships and as we also head to mass to receive our ashes this Ash Wednesday… a reminder to stop and reflect on how we will use the next 40 days to become more intimate in our relationship with God.  I honestly cannot imagine a better day for Ash Wednesday to begin… because for these next forty days we will

do our very best to show God just how much we love Him.

I hope to use this day to reflect on where my relationship with God is at this point in my life and what I will specifically do this Lenten season to help foster growth in my love for Him and devotion to Him.  I will also reflect on my relationships with the ones I love the most and how I will use this same Lenten season to foster love with all of these special people.

Lent is a time for prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.  This is a time to look deeper into your own soul and prepare it for what is to come.  As we follow Christ’s journey in the coming weeks, let us keep each other lifted in prayers as we all try to ready our heart, soul, and mind for Christ’s death and resurrection.


Preparing and sharing,

Amanda Joy


Lenten Humor provided by Chloe:

C: “Mom, I know what I am giving up for Lent.”

M: “Oh really, that’s great… did you all talk about it at school?”

C: “No.  But I decided I am giving up Chloe Joy… so just call me Costello until Easter.”

M: *no words*


Here’s an “Aroma of My Life” for ya… nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day (and welcoming of Lent) better than two piles of poo smiling back at you!


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